Friday, September 5, 2008

The Beasts

This is the oldest and the Grand Poobah of the beasties, The Honeybee. He is 6 going on 60, a wise old soul with a fantastic sense of humor, and the vocabulary and reading skills of a college student. The funniest thing the Bee ever said?:

While staying with my in-laws my son noticed a photo of his grandparents taken 15 years earlier. He picked it up and said to my mother-in-law, "This is like a before picture and now you are the after."

This one over here ----->
is The Dani. She is almost 4, and is showing off her big girl school clothes on her first day of preschool. She is the mother hen to her younger brother, and the best friend and play mate of The Honeybee. The Dani, I am almost certain, is going to be a star athlete, and loves to be active and any sport involving a ball. What has she said that made me belly laugh?:

The Dani hates dinner. She is a picky, picky eater. A few months ago I was making macaroni and "cheese" and Dani asked what we were having. I said, "Macaroni and cheese, you like that, right?" And she replied, "Well, I hope so!"

This sweet baby boy is The Jooch. Soon to be 2, The Jooch is the house mischief maker and all-around naughty guy. Despite that, he is gorgeous, hilarious, and gives a darn good smooch (or mooch, as he calls it). The Jooch is a total mama's boy, and this mama wouldn't have it any other way. Not to be outdone by his very vibrant siblings, The Jooch has a funny bone too:

The other day I took The Jooch's diaper off for his bath, he reached down, grabbed his penis and yelled, "TAIL!". As I was re-diapering him, he was still grabbing his "tail", and I explained that it is called a penis. He started to fuss when the diaper went on, yelling, "I want penis!"

And, the beast that started it all The Buzz, is this fine man right here. He is a father, a husband, a best friend, a big brother, a pilot, a runner, a cyclist, an athlete, a vegan, an
activist, a gentleman, and he doesn't half-ass any of them. The Buzz is my hero, my voice of reason, and my world. With him, all things are possible. The biggest chill pill dosage The Buzz ever gave me?:

"Now, I'm just gonna throw this out there before you lose it completely; It's. Only. Play-doh."

These are my beasts, and no, you can not have them!

2 People Are Feeling Nostalgic:

Susie said...

LOVE this post. You must star writing everyday so I get updates. Much love to the beasties from their favorite New Yawkah.

Liberal I am. Bonafide I be. said...

LOVE this! Everyone is so darling. :) The lil' angels. lol