Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Last Eight Years

Apparently, I have pissed off a few of my friends for posting my political views in public. To which I say...

Unless you have walked in my shoes for the last eight years, please don’t tell me to keep my opinions on the upcoming elections to myself.

Unless you stood with me, 8 months pregnant, in my living room on September 11, 2001 and watched the Twin Towers fall, and a President ignore all the warnings so he could vacation and rubbed your belly wondering what the hell kind of world you were bringing a child into.

Unless you had to move out of state to stay ahead of the looming layoffs at your husband’s job, leaving behind the only home your children had ever known, and friends that had become family.

Unless you had to juggle two mortgages, and take huge losses every month on a home that you couldn’t sell because of a terribly mismanaged housing market.

Unless you watched your son struggle to get the attention he deserves as an exceptionally gifted student because the schools are grossly underfunded and simply focus on meeting No Child Left Behind standards.

Unless you have cried because your daughter was so behind in speech development, but were told she didn’t qualify for therapy services because the funding for services is so limited only the very, very delayed qualify.

Unless you have watched charter school after charter school open in the richest parts of town, on the tax-payer dime, under the guise of being open to the public, only to find out that no busing, and no free lunch programs are available, and shook your head in disgust at just another publicly funded private school for the wealthy, while your children's public school continues to flounder without appropriate funding.

Unless you have watched your husband’s company all but close it’s doors, keeping a small skeleton crew, and wondered when the other shoe was going to drop and he was going to join the ranks of the unemployed, and you have three small children, and two houses that you can’t offload thanks to the growing mortgage and housing crisis, and you just watched 200 of your friends and co-workers lose their jobs.

Unless you have lived in my shoes, and been kept up nights with fear, please, allow me to have my say, and ignore it if you choose. THIS is what makes America great, the ability to have a say and an opinion, and I refuse to let that be one more thing this government will take from me.

I am one of the lucky ones. I can’t imagine walking in the shoes of those who have no job, have no home, and don’t know where their children’s next meal is coming from. Or the young woman who finds herself pregnant and is so frightened of how she is going to finish college and care for a baby.

Things are very, very bad in this country, and we just cannot take another year, another month, another day, another hour, another minute of leaders who care nothing about those of us living in the middle and low income tax brackets of America, which is MOST of us. I am very fearful of what another 4 years of a Republican administration would do to my family and yours. So, forgive me if I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

1 People Are Feeling Nostalgic:

Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...

Honestly Meg.

I have lost some FAMILY members (yes, that far) over my political views. I am so desperate at this point for McCain/Palin to NOT win, I will do anything. I cannot stand another 4 years of the bullshittery.

Let's also tell those people that I have a husband this will do anything for this country to stay here and be with his girls. Yet, him being a law abiding, tax paying, LOWER CLASS, wannabe citizen, that is not enough.

IT is time for people to open their eyes and take a look around. LOOK PEOPLE.