Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Week's Blonde Moment

I am the president of my local chapter of MOMS Club International. Last year our chapter decided to assemble a cookbook for our annual fundraiser. We still have about 30 cookbooks leftover, and I am pushing these things on all the membership to try and get them off my hands and out of my garage.

Recently at our monthly business meeting one of our moms bought a cookbook, which costs $10. She handed me a $20 and asked for change, so I gave her $10 change from my wallet. Now, for the last week it has bothered me to no end that I gave her $10, and I would have to deposit the $10 she paid for the cookbook to the treasury, so in my mind, I was out $10! I mean, I gave her $10, and I would have to give the treasury $10, so I was losing money, right?

My husband kindly talked me down off the ledge, explained that when she gave me the $10, I now had $30, so I gave $10 to her, I keep $10, and the treasury gets $10. He needed to use his fingers as a visual aid. And, he did all this without laughing once. I, however, was crying I was laughing so hard at my own stupidity.

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Susie said...

Now I know what to get you for your birthday. An abacus.