Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Lazy, are You?

There are people out there who don’t like the idea of “spreading the wealth”. Those people are what we call elitist rich fucks. Yes, ELITIST, and notice I did not say LIBERAL ELITIST. Say it ain’t so Joe.

Take a look at this cartoon that Republicans across the country are having a hearty chortle about this week:

Oh ho ho, hee hee hee, that is funny stuff right there. So, those of us who make less than $250,000 a year are now lazy? Forget that some of us work 2 or three jobs, or 15-hour days, just to make ends meet. And, that Republicans have a reputation for voting against minimum wage increases and the like.

As has been pointed out time and time again, the tax code in America has always been that the more you make, the higher your tax bracket. Now, this does not mean you pay more taxes than your lazy, liberal, elitist anti-America counterpart. What it means is, you pay taxes commensurate with your income. There seems to be some sort of misinterpretation by the Joe Six-Pack $250,000+ bread winners that the more money they make, the less they will take home because they will be paying so much more in taxes.

I know without all the fancy college edumication booklearnin’ of the liberal elite at your disposal this might be a difficult concept to grasp. You will not make more, pay more, and take home less. Come on, surely even the regular Joe the Plumbers and Tito the Builders out there can understand that that is a bunch of hooey.

As a matter of fact, as reported by in this article, if you make $280,000 a year, you will pay exactly $257 more per year in taxes under Obama than McCain. $257. Basically, less than your latte tab for the year. (BTW, if you make $280,000 a year your take home after taxes is approximately $19,000 a month. Weep for them.)

On top of that, only 5% of Americans make more than $250,000 a year. The rest of us are living in the middle or lower classes and rely on public schools, welfare, and public health clinics. Is it really so wrong to expect those who make more to contribute to the national good? Let’s face it, all of those services benefit ALL American’s. There is no such thing as a self-made person in this country any more.

Look at it this way: You are a business owner, making $280,000 a year. You have a staff of employees. Your employees were probably taught in public schools, they (and you!) drove on county roads to get to work, or used public transportation. If you don’t provide health care because it is too expensive, they probably have none and rely on public clinics for their care so they don’t miss a day of work. If your business burned down the public fire department would come put out the fire. If it were broken into, the public police department would be on the scene.

Let’s be honest here people, it’s not like the lower and middle classes are going to come into some sort of spreading the wealth inheritance. We may get a small tax cut, and you may see a minor tax increase. All I have to say is, it’s a long time coming and quit your bitchin’.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Voted

And gawd is it always feels exhilarating. In February Buzzer (a.k.a. the Hubs) and I each spent four hours in line just to vote for our girl Hillary in the primary. Four hours. It really sucked, but still was so worth doing and felt really incredible to be a part of something that made people turn out in record numbers.

This year we had talked about doing a mail-in ballot, but we are a battle ground state this year and we didn’t want our absentee ballots to be counted weeks after November 4th. Fortunately, or so you would think, we are in a state that is offering early voting.

Polling places around our county are open October 18 – November 1 for those who would like to vote early. After the experience back in February, we planned to participate in early voting. Honeybee was at school; we dropped off the Dani at preschool, packed up the Jooch and hit the polling place ½ an hour after it opened. Still, the line was incredibly long and parking was very scarce.

Two hours and a good sunburn later (who knew you should pack sunblock to vote), we were able to cast our ballot for the first black President of the United States. My black daughter is never going to be able to remember a time when black men were not welcome in the White House.

It’s such a relief to think about having a nice guy in the White House. It gives me hope for my children and their future, which is something I haven’t had the luxury of enjoying since they were born.

It is a new dawn people; you don’t want to miss it. Get out there and vote!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Black Cat Pie

I have never been a fan of pecan pie, until now! Regular pecan pie with it's sugary goo is just too damn much. This pie is soft, just sweet enough, and has chocolate. Obviously it is superior. Once again, this is a vegan recipe, but feel free to cow it up with "regular" ingredients if you are an omnivore.

½ cup water
¼ cup soy margarine
2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder
¾ cup vegan chocolate chips
1/3 cup flour
1 cup raw sugar
pinch of salt
½ cup soymilk
1 TBSP vanilla extract
1 cup chopped pecans
1 unbaked 9-in vegan pie crust
2 tsp. soymilk

Preheat oven to 350F.

In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil, and remove from heat.

Whisk in margarine, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips until melted.

Add flour, sugar, salt, ½ cup milk, vanilla, and whisk until smooth.

Stir in pecans and pour into prepared pie crust. Bake 55-60 minutes, or until a toothpick or knife comes out clean.

Remove from oven and immediately brush 2 tsp. of milk evenly over the top of the pie.

Let cool to room temperature before serving.

Serve with ice cream, whipped cream or as is. Share with your favorite hottie. This is a very sexy pie.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Friendly Competition

You know with all the talk about the Presidential contest (which thank gawd will finally be over next week, and us Obama fans will be celebrating in the streets) it's nice to take a break and talk about contests that are fun!

I have been a contest entering fool this morning, and while it is self-serving to that end, I am also finding some great blogs and having a lot of good laughs. Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival is here and fine bloggers around the country are offering wonderful goodies to people who check out their blog and comment. One of my favorites is this little cutie courtesy of the snarky Obama mama, Scary Mommy.

So get out there and see what special little nuggets of goodness you might be able to snag for yourself. But, lay off Scary Mommy's basket, that sucker is mine!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Survival of the Tiredest

The birthdays are over, the leftover cake is on it’s way to the city dump, my parents have vacated my bedroom and we are all back to sleeping in our own beds. We really had a terrific visit with my parents and the kids were all in tears to see them fly back to the other side of the country. I also realized a lot this time around.

Here is what I know:
• It’s okay if the kids exist on a diet of French fries, cake and lollipops when Gramma and Bub are here because it is only a week or two a year.

• The kids don’t need big parties and lots of events, they are happiest when we are enjoying a dinner of munchies and snacks at home, or a leisurely trip to the zoo.

• It’s not all about the presents, as the wrapping paper or a pen and paper are often more interesting than the new toys.

• Next year we need a lot less cake, a LOT less!

• Call my gal Tracye again next year, her cakes were beautiful and no work for me!

• Christmas is going to be about time, quality, food, and togetherness. The presents will just be icing on the cake.

• No more big blow-out parties with all the friends, neighbors and classmates. Dinner and cake with family is the best way to go.

• Having three kid’s birthdays three days in a row feels an awful lot like the movie “Groundhog Day”. There are only so many days one can feel normal waking up and singing “Happy Birthday” to someone, again!

• Thank gawd all three kids chose to be born on three consecutive days, because once a year is plenty for this!

• Every bit of it was worth it see their smiling faces and feel their joy.

All in all things were a rousing success and I don’t have any new gray hairs or ulcers. The kids had a great time, I had a great time, and we are over the hump. Now it’s time to set my sights on Christmas!

Happy birthday babies, thank you for making me your mommy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nailin' Palin: a video blog

Have you heard about the rumored Sarah Palin porn spoof? I know you are just dying to see it, and I am here to scratch your itch. Here is a clip of Thandie Newton and Ricky Gervais (very funny) performing a bit of the script. Notice the Brits are doing this on national television because a good Christian nation like ours couldn't possibly allow such debauchery. Enjoy!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kill Him, Kill Him!

Barack Obama a terrorist? Chants of kill him, kill him? What is the McCain/Palin campaign coming to? Read this article, it's really worth your time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lend Me Some Sugar

This made my day, I hope it makes yours too!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Gonna Need a Nap

We are entering my family's busy season this week and for the next week and a half, I am going to be lucky to find time to go to the bathroom, never mind blog. I guess it's a good thing I am a stay-at-home mom, because I have no idea how I would get everything done that I need to get done and go to work too.

Today I am taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. The Honeybee has a break from school for the next three days, but the husband has a Doctor's appointment, so, he won't be joining us. Me and three small children taking a trip through a corn maze, partaking in a hay ride and picking pumpkins, what could be more relaxing! Tomorrow I will be baking, baking, baking for my MOMS Club annual bake-off, on top of getting my daughter off to school in the afternoon, and then a trip to Balloon Fiesta in the evening for the Special Shapes Glowdeo and fireworks. Friday morning I will be up bright and early for more baking and then off to the bake-off by 9:45. Saturday morning it will be rise and shine for the whole family at 4:00am so we can catch the shuttle back down to Balloon Fiesta for the final mass ascension of the year. I am already tired just thinking about it, but wait, there's more!

Monday as President of my MOMS Club chapter we are hosting a new member luncheon, so I have lots to do to prepare food for the event. Tuesday I am hosting the board meeting at my house, which means I have to find time to clean, then take the Dani to school, and hopefully the husband will be home so I can meet up with my chapter again for a night out at the movies. Wednesday my parents fly in to town for a week long visit and birthday celebrations for the kids.

Oh, did I mention all three of my children have birthdays next week? YEAH, all three. So, Thursday I will be volunteering in the Dani's preschool classroom and providing her 20 or so classmates with their afternoon sugar rush with some princess cupcakes, which I have to make, as we are vegan, don't you know. Ha ha Duncan Hines, no handy box mixes for us! Friday the Honeybee will need 24 cupcakes for his class, with a pirate theme thank you very much. Friday is the Bee's birthday so a cake is in order for Friday night, which I am sure he will want decorated with peanut butter frosting, and also a meal of his choosing. Saturday is the Dani's actual birthday, and the kids' big birthday party at the local jump house. Three cakes made to order for three separate children please, again made by my very own vegan hands. Saturday night we will celebrate the Dani's day with more cake, food and presents which, oh shit, I have to find time to wrap! Sunday, you guessed it, is the Jooch's birthday (yes, this really is their actual birthdays on their actual birth certificates, I couldn't have planned it this way if I tried!), oh and the husband might run a marathon that day and will need a ride to the starting line at 5:00am. Another evening of cake and presents for the baby Jooch.

And still, nope, not done. Monday the 20th my daughter's preschool is having a fall festival and I will need to make 20 more vegan cupcakes to donate. My MOMS Club is also going to be hosting a booth at the fair, so we will need to make a display board and I need to redo and reprint some of our brochures. Then it's off to the fair to enjoy the chaos of 150 preschoolers, their siblings and their parents in a confined space.

IF I survive all that, the husband and I might ditch the folks and the kids on Tuesday night for a movie date, and then Wednesday, it's back to the airport so the parents can wing it on home.

So, hopefully I will still be alive in a week and a half or so and can update you with lots of pictures and reports of good times had by all (because so help me gawd if anyone dares complain, I will kill them). Wish me (and them) luck!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nostalgia Alert: We're Just Tryin' To Be Friendly

So, I was born a decade or two too late to really be a true blue Monkees fan, but my younger brother and I used to watch reruns of The Monkees on the UHF channels during summer vacation. The morning line-up included reruns of "I Dream of Jeannie", "Bewitched", and "The Monkees". Like any warm-blooded preteen girl, I found Davy Jones to be dreamy and the show to be sweet and hilarious.

Ok, to be totally honest, my younger brother, Ian, and I would often have crying, screaming matches with our older brother, who claimed that The Beatles were much better than The Monkees. Yeah, no. C'mon, The Monkees have their own TV show!!! Hello! We would not be swayed, until we were much, much older and our old knob and rabbit ears TV set would be replaced with push-button and cable. By that time, The Monkees reruns were no where to be found on the 100+ channels now at our disposal, and we had bigger fish to fry like what was funnier, "Clarrisa Explains it All" or "Pete & Pete" (tie, btw).

Just recently, The Monkees came to mind and I had an insatiable urge to see Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter again. Thank you YouTube, thank you. I think it is virtually impossible to watch the intro to their show and not smile. And, I think no lovelier line was ever written in a song than, "We're just tryin' to be friendly". They sure do seem like a friendly bunch, if only I had been born early enough to have been a true fan. I wonder what Peter Tork is up to these days. Sigh...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Prepares for the Debate: A video blog

My gal Grace is back with some inside footage of Palin preparing for the debate.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Beasts are Beauties

You know, I don’t give my children enough credit. When it is just the 5 of us at home it seems like the kids are maniacs, into everything, being loud and boisterous. You know, being kids.

But, and I bet this has happened to you too, you get them around other people’s kids and suddenly you are the most blessed parents in the universe. My kids don’t hit, don’t bite, don’t push, don’t shove, don’t bully, don’t wrestle, they just…don’t. They read, they play together, they share, they are patient with one another, and they miss each other when they are in school. They run to greet each other when they come in the door, they love nothing more than being together, they want to have sleepovers and secret clubs. And really, they aren’t very loud; in fact, they might be some of the quietest kids we know. In short, my kids are a miracle.

The Honeybee reads his sister bedtime stories. The Jooch cries when we pull out of the school parking lot, leaving The Dani or The Honeybee behind. I have never heard a jealous word from any of them. One of them cries; the other two comfort. A little one needs help; a big one is the helper. They share a birthday week and no one complains about having a joint party, they look forward to it. The little one likes to be monkey in the middle and the big ones never tell him no. Everyone is included, everyone is important and everyone is loved.

I think I need to remember and acknowledge all the great and wonderful little things they do and not sweat the small stuff quite so much. And, we need to hang around other kids more often, so that I am constantly reminded just how great mine really are.