Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Beasts are Beauties

You know, I don’t give my children enough credit. When it is just the 5 of us at home it seems like the kids are maniacs, into everything, being loud and boisterous. You know, being kids.

But, and I bet this has happened to you too, you get them around other people’s kids and suddenly you are the most blessed parents in the universe. My kids don’t hit, don’t bite, don’t push, don’t shove, don’t bully, don’t wrestle, they just…don’t. They read, they play together, they share, they are patient with one another, and they miss each other when they are in school. They run to greet each other when they come in the door, they love nothing more than being together, they want to have sleepovers and secret clubs. And really, they aren’t very loud; in fact, they might be some of the quietest kids we know. In short, my kids are a miracle.

The Honeybee reads his sister bedtime stories. The Jooch cries when we pull out of the school parking lot, leaving The Dani or The Honeybee behind. I have never heard a jealous word from any of them. One of them cries; the other two comfort. A little one needs help; a big one is the helper. They share a birthday week and no one complains about having a joint party, they look forward to it. The little one likes to be monkey in the middle and the big ones never tell him no. Everyone is included, everyone is important and everyone is loved.

I think I need to remember and acknowledge all the great and wonderful little things they do and not sweat the small stuff quite so much. And, we need to hang around other kids more often, so that I am constantly reminded just how great mine really are.

3 People Are Feeling Nostalgic:

Susie said...

Isn't it odd how we forget how truly lucky we are at times? As lucky as you feel please realize that they are lucky also have you as a mom. Kiss them for me!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, loving your blog! And I know the feeling about realizing how absolutely wonderful your kids are! I mean, I know my kids are great, but when we are at football, cheering, scouts or wherever I'm carting them off to, and I see how the other kids interact, I realize that my kids are incredible and that my family is AMAZING :)

American in Norway said...

Althought my kids do make me CRAZY at times... they really are very good kids... & all i need to do is give them the EVIL Eye if they start getting to ROWDY while we are out..
Thanks for popping by & sharing some bloggy love on my big SITS day!