Sunday, October 26, 2008

Survival of the Tiredest

The birthdays are over, the leftover cake is on it’s way to the city dump, my parents have vacated my bedroom and we are all back to sleeping in our own beds. We really had a terrific visit with my parents and the kids were all in tears to see them fly back to the other side of the country. I also realized a lot this time around.

Here is what I know:
• It’s okay if the kids exist on a diet of French fries, cake and lollipops when Gramma and Bub are here because it is only a week or two a year.

• The kids don’t need big parties and lots of events, they are happiest when we are enjoying a dinner of munchies and snacks at home, or a leisurely trip to the zoo.

• It’s not all about the presents, as the wrapping paper or a pen and paper are often more interesting than the new toys.

• Next year we need a lot less cake, a LOT less!

• Call my gal Tracye again next year, her cakes were beautiful and no work for me!

• Christmas is going to be about time, quality, food, and togetherness. The presents will just be icing on the cake.

• No more big blow-out parties with all the friends, neighbors and classmates. Dinner and cake with family is the best way to go.

• Having three kid’s birthdays three days in a row feels an awful lot like the movie “Groundhog Day”. There are only so many days one can feel normal waking up and singing “Happy Birthday” to someone, again!

• Thank gawd all three kids chose to be born on three consecutive days, because once a year is plenty for this!

• Every bit of it was worth it see their smiling faces and feel their joy.

All in all things were a rousing success and I don’t have any new gray hairs or ulcers. The kids had a great time, I had a great time, and we are over the hump. Now it’s time to set my sights on Christmas!

Happy birthday babies, thank you for making me your mommy.

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