Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Time

Get your head outta the gutter, I am talking about my first time receiving a blog award!

AND, I was nominated TWICE!! My best gal pal Susie Kabloozie over at Knitting Knoobie bestowed the honor, as did Sharon, the snarky island dweller at As Seen On The Bathroom Wall.

The only requirement is that I post a list of six things that make me happy, so here ya go, get yo' grin on:

1. A working oven: My oven has been on the fritz for the last two weeks and completely inoperative for the last few days. Don't you know that now I am just itching to bake a million things and my cookbooks and pantry are just beckoning me to bake, and I can't! The repair parts should be here tomorrow for Buzzer to get us up and running again. By then of course the urge is sure to have passed.

2. Iced tea: I am literally lost without a big jug of iced tea ready to go in the fridge. I would rather go thirsty than have anything else to drink.

3. Being pregnant: Probably the happiest times of my life were when I was pregnant. There is just something about being pregnant that makes me feel special. It helps that I had two really wonderful, easy pregnancies. Plus, I think (and the husband agrees) that I look adorable pregnant.

4. Christmas: What, you didn't read my blog all about how much I adore Christmas? Get to steppin' yo.

5. My kids: Three very little, but very big reasons to get out of bed every day. I don't know what I love more, how much they love me, or how much I love them.

6. My husband: He is the reason for my life. He is like oxygen and water. He is just...I don't know what, but it is something better than words can describe.

Now, I am to bestow the honor on four other bloggers. I'm not sure I even know four who know me back, but I'll give it a shot!

Feathermaye - Check her out for a good time. She's gives good read.

Lattes and Life - Tiffany is a hoot and a liberal, even though she lives in Georgia. A true enigma!

Good Life - This is my real life friend Katie, another mom in the trenches. She does awesome webdesign, bakes a mean scone (from the rumors I've heard) and is into being green. She is also a foodie and has to find ways to enjoy all that is delicious in the world without it being contaminated with peanuts due to her son's severe peanut allergy. Katie is cool. Check out her other blog at: {goodLife} eats.

Alright, those are all the people I could think of. I'm off to my vegan potluck. Thanks for the nominations friends, you light up my life!

6 People Are Feeling Nostalgic:

i am feathermaye said...

Ya know, if I wasn't so self-absorbed, I wouldn't have a google alert set up for my name (feathermaye).

However, if I didn't have a google alert set up with my name, I wouldn't have gotten such a nice surprise without someone having to tell me.

I needed a good topic to fulfill my NaBloPoMo anyway, so I thank you!!

And congrats on your blog award! How very cool!

Tiffany said...

Wow! What a great surprise!! Thank you so much...I really do appreciate it! I'll get it posted sometime this week.

Yanno, I was trying to convince my husband that we should choose the next state we move to based on what states were blue on Election night. He wasn't exactly sold on that idea.

Tismee2 said...

Aww aren't you just sooo nice. You mention all your family and being pregnant and cute things like iced tea and baking and Christmas.

I'd have said my iPhone, my laptop.....

Tismee2 said...

Oh and sorry I forgot to say Congratulations!

|s|h|a|r|o|n| said...

You deserve the award, dear. If I could have given you a vegan chocolate man statue to go with it, I would have. Oh well - more non-vegan chocolate mens for meeeee! ;)

Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...

Oh wow! What a great award and what wonderful friends you have to nominate you for this. :) That is so special Meg! :)