Friday, February 6, 2009

If I Only Knew Then What I NO Now

Have you ever had a problem just saying NO? I try to be a people pleaser (I know, you may not have gotten that vibe from my previous posts!), but I think sometimes in my efforts to please I turn into a doormat.

I think that if I say yes to everything and am a giver it will make people like me and want to be my friend because I am a good and kind person. In reality, it makes people see me as vulnerable and it makes it easy for them to take advantage of me. Really, it isn’t winning me any popularity contests and I am getting gray hair and ulcers in the meantime from wrestling with my conscience so damn often. I like helping people, I like saying yes, I like to be generous, but there comes a point in some relationships when the give far surpasses the take and you have to have the courage to create some boundaries.

So, I am trying on some big girl panties and practicing saying no with a smile in the mirror. I figure I have no problem telling my kids no, or my husband no, so telling others no shouldn’t be that much of a biggie right? And, if someone only wants to be my friend because of what I can give them instead of what I have to offer, well that’s not really a friendship I want to have, is it?

Hell NO!

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Susie said...

Unfortunately some people mistake kindness for weakness. You're beyond kind and far from weak. They'll learn. And keep practicing :D