Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Family That Shares Together...

gets every nasty germ imaginable. My kids love to share. It's true! They like to take turns with toys, share food right out of their mouths with one another, pick up any toothbrush they come across in the bathroom each night, they all cram into one chair together to watch TV, and they love to have sleepovers together. Really, so sweet, right?

No. They are like living, walking petri dishes with all this "sharing", and while I am glad for all the siblingly love here, having something wipe out all three kids at once is not so lovely. Right now, it's pink eye. Dani picked it up from preschool in one eye, today it has moved into the other, and into her brother Jooch's eyes too. The Honeybee decided he needed to do an eye exam on the Dani to see this "pink eye" we kept referring too, so it won't be long now until he is infected too.

I had big plans for next week since the kids are off for spring break. We had MOMS Club events to attend, and well planned mommy and me time spent individually with each kid. Instead it will be off to the doctor to take a look at my children's weeping eyes, and strict quarantine.

Oh, and did I mention Dani woke up with a crusty ear this morning? Apparently she had an ear infection, which she never complained about and we had no clue was going on, until she woke up with a gunk ear. Now the Jooch is complaining his ear hurts too. Thank god the Pediatrician has walk-in hours tomorrow morning. Enjoy your spring break everyone, I am in for some heavy duty spring cleaning and degermifying.

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Susie said...

Sorry all the babes are sick. They ARE good sharers though!