Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where My Heart Lives

Since adopting our daughter, Maia Yordanos, from Ethiopia in 2005 our lives, hearts and minds have been forever changed. We think every day about the family she left behind and how they are fairing. We worry about the children there who have no one to feed them, protect them, educate them, and most of them. Sometimes I look into my daughter's eyes and imagine her alone in a severely poverty and disease stricken country and it is more than I can bear. We decided we needed to do something to help those children who we left behind in Ethiopia, but carry in our hearts.

One of the things we do is sponsor a child through our adoption agency. For $420 a year we provide an education, 3 meals a day, school supplies, clean water and visits from a social worker to assist the family. Every penny of the $420 goes to the sponsored child and in cases where the child lives with family, that money helps to support everyone. Sponsored families receive counseling and financial training in the hopes of creating self-sufficiency.

For more details about the program, watch this slide show. I hope you have better success with getting through it without crying than I did.

If $420 isn't in your budget right now, there are many other sponsorship program options to choose from. Check it out.

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